Registration for summer camps at JP is still open.  It follows a structure of 2 sessions, each – 5 weeks long. Summer camps engage students in interactive activities designed to reinforce state standards for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) education. Students will be immersed in a variety of topics that help them to create, design, build, move and learn! Daily schedules involve many fun outdoor activities to learn team sports and summer water fun. Detailed pricing and schedules below.

Summer Camps 2024 Fee Schedule

JP STEAM Session I: mid of June – mid of July (5 weeks)
JP STEAM Session II: mid of July – mid of August (5 weeks)

Note: Parents can choose to register by sessions 1 or 2 or both. Session themes of both groups will be the same but the difficulty level will be different.

Session I: 5 weeks

Week 1: Alphabet House / Habitat Settlers

Campers review the alphabet and explore the many places people and animals call home. From apartments to castles, spider webs to tunnels, children will discover many cozy places full of life. They will learn how to be helpers and contribute to a community by welcoming guests, being good hosts, and cleaning up from A to Z.

Week 2: Travel Buddies / World Market

Pack your suitcase, grab a map and get ready for an adventure around the world. Campers will weave a carpet, make a drum, and build their own version of the Great Wall of China. They will explore world wonders and then find beauty in their own backyards. Each child will have a passport to collect memories in this celebration of global diversity.

Week 3: Underwater World / Ocean Commotion

Dive into the deep ocean and discover plant life and sea creatures big and small. Campers will explore a mysterious shipwreck, count the treasures from a sunken chest, and experiment with what sinks and floats. They will pretend to swim inside ocean caves as they explore this exciting world of water.

Week 4: Blast Into Space / Galaxy Mysteries

3…2…1… Blast off! Campers will pretend to be astronauts and fly off in a homemade rocket ship. They will count the stars, create constellations and explore rock and gaseous planets. Children will make their own stargazers as they play with light and look up into the sky during this incredible space adventure.

Week 5: Growing Gardens/From Garden to Table

Plant a seed and watch it grow. Your children will wiggle like worms with excitement as they greet garden visitors like rabbits and moles. They will sing along with buzzing bees and pull out a carrot to make their own tasty garden soup. Watch your children’s curiosities grow throughout this summertime stud

Session II: 5 weeks

Week 6: Dino Detectives / Fossils Discovery

Students are invited to dig up fossils and compare things old and new in this Jurassic theme. Campers will work together to reconstruct a dinosaur footprint that is bigger than their bodies. They will pretend to hunt for leaves with a baby triceratops, fly with a pterodactyl, and help T-Rex find safety from the erupting volcano. Excitement awaits them along with this science-filled investigation.

Week 7: Meet Me In The Jungle / Rainforest Adventure

Campers will play and learn in a rainforest filled with chattering monkeys and jumping frogs. They will make a parrot puppet and teach it to sing, dance with Blue Morph Butterflies, and learn about food that grows under the green canopy. Watch letters and numbers come to life in this eco-friendly theme that gets campers engaged in learning.

Week 8: Backyard Study / Nature Detectives

Summertime is full of mystery and a new adventure. Your children will explore the sights and sounds of their natural environment as they create nature-based art.
They will investigate, discover and experiment in the outdoors as they hone their observation skills and become nature detectives.

Week 9: All About Me / My Amazing Body

Start the summer off by stretching arms, legs and the mind. Campers will explore their five senses as they make music and create colorful collages. They will sort, pattern, sew shirts, count brain noodles and learn how to stay healthy all year.

Week 10: Weather All Around Us / Weather Forecast

Campers will chase the wind and discover the mystery of weather and the changes that come with the seasons. They will love pretending to twirl like tornados and imitate thunderclouds. Students will also make rain sticks, sort and pattern leaves, and curl up like a hibernating bear in his cozy den.