JollyPlace is a place where we celebrate the joy of learning. We specialize in connecting a child’s innate joie de vivre to their lifelong interest in education and growth. We strive to invoke a child’s inherent, happy, carefree curiosity of the world around them and translate it into fulfilling, success-generating, lifelong habits.

The Meaning 

The book and the near-complete circle (representing sunrise) refer to generating an interest in education and growth early on in life.

The wheat wreath border represents a combination of earthiness and productivity. Interestingly, the winners of races and tournaments in Europe used to get wheat bushels as trophies back in the day. The word ‘trophy’ itself comes from the root ‘trophein’, which means ‘food’. In that sense, if fits well with JollyPlace’s result-oriented approach and specialization in preparing kids for achieving success and winning ‘trophies’ later in life.

The letters ‘J’ and ‘P’ of JollyPlace have been combined into a shape that represents and elephant’s head and trunk. The elephant, in many cultures, is representative of wisdom, leadership, greatness, remembrance, strength and patience. These are the values we stand by and inculcate in our students as well.