Quality Education at JollyPlace

According to the Quality Counts: Building Blocks for Success report in Business Week “11.9 million children younger than 5 in the United States—or about 6 in 10—spend most part of their waking hours in the care of people other than their parents: relatives, caregivers operating out of their homes, workers in child care centers or family child care providers. The quality of the early care and education that young children receive in such settings sets the tenor of their days and lays the building blocks for future academic success.” At JollyPlace we strive to provide the best possible education or your child. We understand the importance of learning and our qualified, Montessori trained staff is always available to assist your child in activities and provide motivation for future learning.

Choosing childcare for your child is an important step that should not be taken lightly. JollyPlace acts in accordance with State of Virginia Social Services set of standards and regulations determining quality childcare.

  1. Licensing – Our Virginia State License indicates that the program meets health and safety guidelines.
  2. Teachers – Our teachers professionals are Montessori certified and college educated trained in early childhood development education and their interactions with children are responsive, nurturing, and warm. We offer low teacher to child ratio to meet the individual needs of all children equally.
  3. Curriculum – JollyPlace creates environment to encourage a child’s learning and development by letting children work independently as well as setting up schedule for daily activities and following monthly themed curriculum lesson plan. Children in our care receive individual attention and encouragement to get involved in daily activities and play.
  4. Environment – JollyPlace is a clean, safe environment, especially in napping, eating, and toileting areas. Our facility also has an adequate space and academically stimulating materials for preschool age children. We also have a spacious outside playground, garden, indoor gymnasium.
  5. Professionalism – We have an organized approach to the business aspects of you child care as reflected in a contract agreement with parents about fees, schedules, sickness policies, emergencies, etc.
  6. Communication – We provide comfortable, ongoing communication with parents in regards to various issues. Parents are informed about child’s day at the pickup time. Conferences are scheduled at the mid of a day


We are family-oriented Montessori preschool, situated in small community of Vienna on beautiful property owned by the Church for all nations adjacent to Thoreau Middle School. Following extensive renovations in spring 2015 our school is ready for accepting 3-6 year old students’ applications for the upcoming school year 2015-2016. The school is located on the second level of the Educational Building and it occupies five primary spacious classrooms with ample natural light and open floorplan, beautifully furnished and equipped work spaces for children, access to newly build fenced playground and outdoor amphitheater, garden and nature areas adjacent to the building. Each classroom is carefully designed with authentic Montessori materials to further engage child’s potential of learning and discovery. We are conveniently located along the routes for many Northern VA commuters and easy access to most major roads while at the same preserving the privacy and secluded access to the school.

At JollyPlace we are committed to building a strong sense of community amongst students, families and staff members and surrounding communities. By welcoming students from diverse backgrounds we hope to plant a seed in the community and make our school a special, energetic learning place and become integral part of the community.


JollyPlace teachers show qualities of effective and nurturing traits like warmth, responsiveness and inter cultural competency to develop positive relations with children and their families and to create cognitively stimulations environments. Their motivated and inspiring approach provides students with best possible guidance and instruction while giving each child individual attention. Our teachers value social and emotional development as essential school readiness factors. Training credentials are an important aspects of our teachers early childhood development education. All of our primary lead teachers are trained professional Montessori educators. In addition to their Montessori diploma, they need to have degree or foreign equivalency in additional to Montessori credentials.

Also, as required by VA Social Services Licensing Office, all of our staff is CPR and First Aid trained and selected teachers must also be competent in Medication Administration Training.

JollyPlace founder and director, Ewelina Kakker holds a degree in psychology from George Mason University as well as is certified by American Montessori Society as primary lead teacher. In addition she has completed extensive training in early childhood education in areas of understanding role of early learning guidelines in assuring school readiness.