According to the report titled “Quality Counts: Building Blocks for Success” in Business Week, “11.9 million children younger than 5 in the United States—or about 6 in 10—spend most part of their waking hours in the care of people other than their parents: relatives, caregivers operating out of their homes, workers in child care centers or family child care providers.

The quality of the early care and education that young children receive in such settings sets the tenor of their days and lays the building blocks for future academic success.”

At JollyPlace we strive to provide the optimal learning environment for your child. We understand the importance of learning and our qualified, Montessori-trained staff is always available to assist your child in activities and provide motivation for future learning. Choosing an educational institution for your child is an important step that should not be taken lightly. JollyPlace Montessori School sets up a very high standard that you can see at our school. The same standard can be used to determine the right educational institution for your child.

1. Programs and Curriculum – JollyPlace follows a well-developed Montessori curriculum. Our curriculum targets 5 distinct areas of your child’s development: Practical Life, Sensorial Development, Language Development, Mathematics and Cultural Activities.

2. Special Programs – Our programs meet the different needs of the families. Children in our care receive individualized attention and encouragement to get involved in daily activities and play. We have special weekly as well as after-school programs that include Soccer, Music and Creative Movement, Yoga, Spanish and Taekwondo.

3. Teachers – Our teachers are Montessori-certified, college-educated and trained in early childhood development education. Their interactions with children are responsive, nurturing and warm. We offer low teacher to child ratio to meet the individual needs of all children.

4. JollyPlace and Parent Relationship – We provide comfortable, ongoing communication with parents. Parents are informed about the child’s day at pickup time. Conferences are scheduled at mid-day.

5. Environment – We provide a nurturing and stimulating Montessori environment to grow your child’s inherent potential. We create the so-called “prepared environment” in our classrooms and facilities. The “prepared environment” is as specified in the Montessori system and scientifically proven to optimize all areas of a child’s development.

6. Materials & Equipment – Our materials and equipment are authentic Montessori and high-quality. We leave no stone unturned to help your child achieve their true potential.

7. Facility – Our facility is located in a quiet, safe neighborhood. The school spans over 1 acre of tree-lined outside play area, an enclosed outside playground and access to an indoor gymnasium. In addition there are very spacious, well-lit classrooms with ample natural light. Our class sizes are also small. We have separate, dedicated rooms for art and music.

8. Health & Safety – Our facility is kept very clean and secure. All the doors of the facility are secure and monitored.

9. Location – The school is located in Vienna, VA- adjacent to Thoreau Middle School. It is easily accessible from major highways, yet located in a quiet, tree-lined, safe neighborhood.

10. Licensing Regulation – We meet all licensing requirements as per Virginia State License guidelines.